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    7 Signs Your Garden Needs Tree Service

    service for a home garden

    When we plant a tree, it immediately becomes something of our own and we will do anything to keep it growing.

    Our garden becomes something we make with our hands and we start paying attention to small details to see whether our garden is healthy or not.

    We all need some help on what to pay attention to and how to prevent any bigger problems. In this article, you can find 7 signs why your garden might need tree service and where to search for one. 

    Yellow and Dead Leaves

    One of the biggest signs your tree is not healthy is dead leaves. When you notice some of these, call a service immediately, do not wait until it is too late. This can be a serious problem that can lead to the tree being completely dead. However, do not forget that trees need to lose their leaves seasonally, and to recognize whether something is wrong with the tree or not, pay close attention to the period during which this occurs and the number of dead leaves. 

    Leaning Tree 

    If you notice your tree starting to lean, this can be a sign of root damage or simply the weakening of the tree structure. This can be difficult to notice, but in this case, the tree needs professional service that can save it before it completely dies. This can also be dangerous because the tree can fall and harm you or your family. Make sure to contact the service to prevent this from happening. 

    Storm Damage

    Many people think tree service includes only taking care of the trees when they are slowly dying without actually knowing their responsibility is also to cut down the tree if it becomes dangerous for the environment. It is important to search for tree services in your area. For example, Avalon Tree Services provides services all around Georgia, which makes the whole process quicker and more effective. They also have an emergency service that can save your property because storms can break a tree and it can fall down on your property, harming both your life and the property. 

    garden trees

    Pest Infestation

    Pest infestations are common and there are periods when you simply cannot avoid them. They are extremely dangerous for your trees and can affect them greatly. Once you notice them, it is important to search for professional help.

    We all think we can take care of that by ourselves, thinking nothing serious will happen. However, we have to keep in mind that any unprofessional service can damage our trees and we would simply have to cut them down. Tree services are familiar with this case and they know how to get rid of them using tested methods and, if necessary, chemicals.

    Do not underestimate the damage they can make, and do not wait much to get the necessary service, as pests can weaken the whole tree and make it simply useless. If the pest infestation has gone too far, and you cannot save the tree, make sure to make some sentimental things as a memory, such as a wooden bench that will be both very useful and a reminder of the tree.

    Never simply throw away something you have taken care of and something that has sentimental value for you, but find a way to preserve that value in some different shape. 

    Root Damage

    This is usually not that visible but is one of the main reasons a tree can maintain or affect its growth. The root is the most important part of a tree and is the main aspect of successful growth. If the root of your tree has been damaged during construction or any type of digging around the tree, it is time to call for professional help. It is important not to postpone this, as the root can quickly dry and any type of service would be in vain. Professional tree services will know what to do on time and they will be responsible for taking any necessary actions. It is important to pay attention to what our trees are trying to tell us because they cannot grow effectively without our help. 

    Dead Branches

    We usually do not consider dead branches to have any connection with the health of a tree. We think it's something that happens only from a strong wind or simply by an accident, but in most cases, this happens because of various reasons such as pest infestation, lack of sunlight, or some disease. It is important to pay attention to when these breakages occur and how often, and to contact a local tree service if you want to find out the reason they happen. 

    Signs of Fungal Infection

    Fungal infections are very common in unhealthy trees and happen for various reasons. This can happen if the earth and the surroundings are too wet and in this case, there is not much we can do.

    However, there are other causes a tree service can solve, such as soil infection or nutrient deficiency. Fungi can occur in the soil and can further damage the whole tree through its roots. This cannot be recognized easily and that is why a tree service should be contacted as soon as possible because they will be able to detect such damages.

    There are things we cannot do on our own and we need to find proper care because the health of plants is as complex as that of people and animals. Any unprofessional service can just make things worse. 

    Taking care of a garden can be demanding and very stressful. Sometimes we do everything we can and our plants still cannot grow healthy.

    Many people think trees do not need much attention and believe they can adapt to any situation without us having to do anything to help them. It is important to keep in mind that trees need proper care and that they can be as sensible as any other plant. Having these reasons in mind, you will now know when to contact the tree service and what they can do to help you. 

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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