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    How to Choose the Right Wreath Size

    how are wreaths measured

    Choosing a wreath's size is a step that is frequently skipped when making or purchasing one. If you're not aware of the most common wreath sizes, this can be a difficult task.

    If it's too huge, it can seem cluttered or get snagged when you open the door, and if it's too small, it won't necessarily make a significant impression.

    Find out what wreath size looks best on your door to create a warm welcome.

    Common Wreath Sizes

    Before you choose which wreath you will buy, look around for some different wreath sizes:

    how to determine wreath size

    <  Extra Large

    These wreaths, which don't have a limit in size, make a holiday display that everyone will remember. Using large wreaths as a showcase in your outdoor space is an excellent approach to attracting people's attention to the area.

    <  Large

    If you want to make a striking statement with your outfit, one method is to wear a large wreath. Large windows, sliding doors, and fireplace mantles are ideal locations for wreaths ranging between 30 and 40 inches in diameter.

    <  Standard

    The use of wreaths with a diameter of between 20 and 30 inches is a popular and attractive method to adorn large windows and entryways. These wreaths are frequently available.

    <  Small

    The diameter of the smaller wreaths ranges from 10 inches to 20 inches. Perfect to be displayed on windows or cupboard doors.

    <  Candle Size

    These are 10 inches or smaller in diameter, making them an excellent choice for seating for candles. Hang this little wreath on a gallery wall rather than choose to make it the primary focus of your home design.

    how are wreaths measured

    First and Foremost: How to Measure a Wreath?

    Making or purchasing a wreath without first deciding its size is a common mistake. Find out how:

    Step 1: Measure the Diameter

    The most important statistic is the wreath's diameter. A wreath advertised as 22 inches in diameter has been measured from tip to tip. Typically, wreaths are shorter than the stated dimensions to make room for delicate flower accents.

    Remember that a wreath isn't a perfectly round object. The result might be different if you examined the wreath horizontally rather than straight across. Because of the time and care put into making every wreath, the whole circumference is considered rather than simply the diameter of the base.

    Step 2: Measure the Depth

    The distance from the wreath's top to its rear at its base is its depth. If your front entrance has a sliding door or storm window ahead of it, this dimension is crucial. Determine whether the wreath would fit in that place by measuring the depth.

    Wreaths for front doors made with a grapevine foundation are often deeper than those made with a wire coil foundation and dried flowers. It's important to choose the right size wreath, so check the gap between your sliding door and front door before going shopping.

    A Tip of Advice When You Decorate

    To modify the look of your space, try varying the wreath's size. Consider hanging a wreath 25 inches in diameter or larger over the chimney or on an empty interior wall.

    When your front door is on the skinny side or you want to add a wreath to a wall that already has other decorations, a smaller wreath will do the trick. This information makes selecting the perfect wreath size for the room in question a breeze.

    How To Choose the Right Size Wreath

    Stick to this guideline if you're going for a classic style. Get the diameter of your entrance door and subtract 12 inches from that number. To calculate the correct door size, use the following formula:

    To achieve the most welcoming appearance, leave about 6 inches between the exterior margins of your wreath and the boundaries of your entryway. 


    how to measure wreath size


    Additional Things To Pay Attention To

    A few additional aspects that can assist you in choosing the right wreath:

    • Materials

    If you want to place your wreath outside, check to see if it is crafted from materials designed to withstand the elements of the great outdoors.

    • Style

    Make sure the design of your wreath complements the remainder of the decorations in your house. The wreath that is the right size for your front door should also convey something about how you do your interior decorating. 

    • Color

    When the color of the wreath does not correspond with the front entrance, it can give the impression of being washed out, cause conflict, or disappear into the background. Consider the following: if your front entrance is white, it is not appropriate to hang a holiday wreath that is all white on your doorway. When selecting a wreath for the front entrance of your home, you should also choose a shade that complements or contrasts with the color of the entry.

    The Ideal Small Door Wreath Size

    A wreath might easily seem out of place if your door is just 30 inches wide. Choosing a wreath with a diameter of 20 to 22 inches won't overwhelm your door or get snagged on the frame. It's just the right size to make a subtle but noticeable impact.

    The Ideal Standard Door Wreath Size

    A large door calls for an enormous wreath. Deciding to go with a 35-inch diameter will have a huge effect. Ensure the wreath doesn't get in the way of opening the door.

    For those who have labored over a flower wreath or spent a small fortune on an ornate one, having it ruined because it was too big is a major source of frustration. Putting two wreaths of a similar size on each side of a French door can provide visual equilibrium.

    The Ideal Large Door Wreath Size

    As a rule of thumb, a wreath should take up around two-thirds of your door's width. A wreath's regular width, between 24 and 26 inches, works well with the average 35-inch width of a door. Do you want to make an impression that can be seen from a block away?

    Choose a wreath that is at least 30 inches in diameter. Although a 20-inch wreath can be used for a more subtle effect, it can lack the visual impact of larger wreaths.

    BONUS SECTION: A Guide to Buying Wreaths for the Upcoming Christmas

    Your front door will be determined by whether or not a large wreath is required to achieve the desired effect.For a grand and festive appearance, bigger is better.Select a smaller size if you'd like to seem more subdued.

    A wreath with a 25 to 30 inch circumference can provide a striking visual effect on a regular front doorway (36 inches wide). A wreath that is 20 to 25 inches in diameter, on the other extreme, is timeless and subtle.

    A wreath diameter of 30 inches to 35 inches is ideal for large doors. Its hefty proportions will look right next to the entrance door.

    The higher the door is hung, the bigger the wreath can be. Large wreaths tend to be heavier than tiny wreaths. Therefore, it's important to hang them using a strong metal hanger or a nail driven into the wall.

    Miniature wreaths: what and when to do with them? Imagine something! Put festive flair into the tiniest details by adorning doorknobs, candlesticks, and bureau handles.

    The 3M adhesive hangers and over-the-door hangers sold at most hardware and craft stores provide an alternative to nailing anything to your door. You can hang wreaths on it without worrying about hurting the door.

    The Bottom Line

    That's How to Choose the Correct Wreath Size.Your ideal wreath size should be 12 inches less in circumference than the breadth of your entrance door, provided you don't utilize your main entryway and truly desire to go big. Be sure to select a hue that either complements or enhances the color of your exterior door so that it isn't forgotten in the room.

    This will help the shift from the outside to the inside go more smoothly. You should pick materials that can endure the elements you want to expose your house to, and keep in mind that the style you choose will serve as an entrance to your abode.

    If you are looking for a pre-made wreath, visit our collection page.

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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