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    Why Is the Bald Eagle Our National Bird?

    American national eagle

    How did the Bald Eagle Become Our National Bird?


    Have you ever asked yourself why the bald eagle appears on almost every coin and flag of the United States? Or still, do you ever wonder why public buildings and other government-related items have the majestic image of the bald eagle? Well, the bald eagle is one of the U.S. most revered national symbols and acts as a unifying factor for Americans.


    Today, people see the bald eagle and immediately associate it with the United States. But how did the bald eagle end up being a national symbol? Which other birds were considered for the same?


    John F. Kennedy believed that choosing the bald eagle as the nation's emblem would re-ignite hope among Americans and inspire them to be more aggressive. John F. Kennedy says that the bald eagle is a fiercely beautiful and proud independent bird, traits that symbolize the unique strengths and freedom of America. 


    Who adopted the bald eagle as the National Emblem?


    two bald eagles landing on a rock in the united states

    The United States attained independence from England and later signed the Independence Declaration on July 4, 1774. After the signing of this declaration, the Continental Congress began designing a unique seal for the nation.


    The Continental Congress assigned the Founding Fathers the task of designing a new seal. They, however, disagreed on some aspects, and the work was assigned to another committee. After several years of trial, the American bald eagle was adopted by the Second Continental Congress as a symbol of independence on June 20, 1782.


    After several years of trial and disagreements, the three committees finally delivered their works to the Continental Secretary, Thompson Charles.


    It's Thompson who decided on the best elements of the various designs presented to him by the third committee. The Second Continental Congress, therefore, approved the American bald eagle as a symbol of autonomy on June 20, 1782.


    The corrections for the final image were done by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. It has become a core part of the Great Seal and other notable American institutions.


    The decision by the Continental Congress was, however, not unanimous. It's alleged that one of the prominent opponents of the bald eagle, Benjamin Franklin, objected to the adoption of the bald eagle as the national symbol.


    According to Franklin, the bald eagle had no moral standing. He said the bird was only comparable to men who live off by robbing other people. The bird, he argued, was generally a poor planner and extremely lazy, traits that betrayed the very moral values America advocated for.


    However, most members thought otherwise and voted for the bald eagle as the National Bird. Most Americans viewed the bald eagle as a symbol of immense strength, unmatched courage, and freedom. The bald eagle was indigenous only to North America, the home to the United States of America.


    Why did the Continental Congress pick on the bald eagle as a symbol for the United States?


    There are several reasons why the Continental Congress chose the bald eagle as the symbol of the U.S. The most important reason was the ability of the eagle to fly high through the skies for several hours. The United States had just fiercely fought for its freedom from England, and there wasn’t a better symbol to signify that struggle than a brave eagle piercing through the skies with its wings spread wide.


    Traditionally, eagles have been known as courageous birds. They represent many hopeful Americans who believe in freedom and immortality. Notably, the American bald eagle was the only indigenous to North America, making it a unique symbol.


    Also, Native Americans held the American bald eagle in high regard. They used its tailfeathers to make gorgeous headdresses and jewelry. The bald eagle was also a magnificent sight for most explorers before it became a symbol of freedom and sovereignty for the world's most powerful and glamorous nation.


    Unknown to many, before the bald eagle graced the President's letterhead or the security seal, the eagle was just an ordinary, unknown bird that stood for grace and protection.


    According to Sioux medicine man Lame Deer, all the wisdom in the world lies in an eagle. He says, "If you are planning to kill an eagle, the minute you think of that, he knows it, knows what you are planning."


    The idea to choose the bald eagle as a national symbol was not by fluke after all. The bald eagle is popularly known as the king of birds and was used symbol of authority by ancient Babylonians.


    The bald eagle enjoys huge protection even from mere human disturbance. They are protected under the law, and killing them attracts heavy fines.


    Are there any interesting facts about the bald eagle that makes it special?


    Many people might actually recognize the bald eagle as the symbol of the deep-rooted American Culture but have little knowledge about how the bird operates. Here are a few facts that might rouse your curiosity.


    • Bald eagles live longer than most birds. A bald eagle will live for as long as 30 years, depending on its size and environment.
    • They live in massive nests. The depth is between two and four feet and close to five feet wide.
    • The female bald eagles are the bigger of the two. In some instances, female bald eagles are as much as 25% bigger than their male counterparts.
    • The bald eagle feeds primarily on fish. They will swim when they identify a fish that's too big to lift from the water. Most of them drag their kills out of the water first before carrying them away.


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    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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