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    Wreaths for Double Doors: Everything You Need to Know

    Double door wreaths

    Not everyone has a single front door for entry. If you have a big house with wide double doors, chances are you will need a good number of decorations for both doors.

    When it comes to a door wreath, having a single one for double doors doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it?

    Therefore, with the advent of double door wreaths, things have become much easier. At first, it seems like a simple project to do.

    You could make two identical wreaths. However, for the average Joe (like myself), it can be a little more challenging than that.

    If I try to create two identical wreaths for the front doors, one always turns out bigger or smaller.

    That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide to wreaths for double doors. We will answer most questions regarding this topic. Let's get started.

    Double Door Wreaths: What are they?

    double front door decorating ideas

    Double-door wreaths are specially made to accommodate entrances with two doors. You would want to embellish the entryway completely.

    The extra-wide doorway needs ornaments that are bigger than usual. So-called "split choices" can be used in such a situation.

    These two sides of a huge design are deceptive in appearance. In this manner, you can open the door on each side independently. It's a look that can only be achieved with a wreath, which you need if you desire a welcoming decoration for your front door.

    Further, most choices are seasonal, most notably the holiday season. They're composed of greenery and include lights and other holiday-suitable embellishments.

    If you're searching for anything for spring or early summer, you might not even find anything. Therefore, it is occasionally preferable to manufacture a double door wreath yourself.

    THREE Ways to Make Wreaths For Double Doors

    Below, we will take a deep look at some of the finest ways to make a wreath for your double-door entryway. If you're not a crafty person, check out our collection of pre-made wreaths for single and double doors.

    1. Make a Double Door Split Wreath from Scratch

    Making a double door split wreath from scratch can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. It will be divided into two separate pieces, with one wreath hanging on each door. This type of wreath is a great option for double doors, as it allows for symmetry and balance in the overall design.

    You'll need a few materials: a wreath form or base ( check out this article on existing wreath forms ), natural or artificial greenery and flowers, ribbons or other decorative elements, and wire or floral tape for securing the materials. You may also need scissors and a glue gun.

    1) To begin, start by selecting the materials you want to use for your wreath. Lay them out on a clean, flat surface to arrange them into the desired design.

    2) Next, take your wreath form and divide it into two equal pieces. You can do this by cutting the wreath form in half with a saw or by using a wire cutter to remove one half of the form.

    Once you have two separate wreath forms, you can begin attaching your materials to each one.

    Use wire or floral tape to secure the greenery and flowers to the wreath form, starting at the center and working your way outwards. 

    3) Once your wreaths are complete, you can hang them on your double doors using ribbon or twine. Secure the wreaths to the doors using nails or adhesive hooks, making sure they are evenly spaced and aligned ( this article explains how you can hang a wreath ).

    With a little time and effort, you can create beautiful double door split wreaths from scratch that will enhance the entrance of your home or building.

    2. Splitting the Wreath in Two

    Cutting an existing ornament in half is the faster but more difficult option. To be honest, this strategy applies to most ornaments. Quality wire cutters are all that is required for slicing through wireframes.

    Using these, you can easily split the frame into two pieces. To avoid slicing through the foam, look out for any stems. Flowers and other decorations are frequently adhered with adhesive. Some, however, will have stems or wires that pass through the foam to their attachments.

    If they're in the way, shave or snip them with bolt cutters. Extra plants or flowers could be useful to cover up the white foam core. Whenever the door is closed, you won't notice it, but when it's accessible, it will be plain to see.

    You can cover it up without affecting the joining of the two parts by gluing some foliage or flower petals over it and make several beautiful wreaths for double front doors.

    Split wreath

    3. The Self-Split Wreath

    For this purpose, a frame or plain base can be purchased and easily divided in half. Since it is so easy to see through, foam makes for the best frame material. Any little saw would do, even a hobby one. As a bonus, it's lightweight and can be used in various settings.

    It's also affordable and simple to buy in bigger sizes. As a result, it's an excellent choice if you're a beginner or want to do a basic do-it-yourself.

    A wire is difficult to deal with, but it's a stronger, more lasting solution. A good set of bolt cutters is required for this material. As a result, you can use this to snip the wire in two. The most challenging kind of base to work with is a twig base.

    Cuts into them can be made, albeit the results will be sloppy and imprecise. You might easily shatter the branches or stems in unintended areas in addition to where you wish to make your cut.

    The next step is to paint the two parts of your framework after you've selected and cut them. Flowers, plants, and adornments of your choosing are welcome.

    Split wreath for double door

    Hanging Wreaths on Double Doors: The Easiest Method

    The act of hanging these ornaments is similar to that of placing their more conventional cousins. It's simple enough to double whatever you regularly use. The ideal way to adorn a frame depends on the frame's substance, as is the case with other types of embellishments.

    For wires or limb frames, sticky fasteners are preferred. You can use them to hang items safely from the entryway without worrying about harming them. Each side can utilize two, with one hook high above and another in the middle.

    Wireframes often have a few horizontally running wires that act as structural members. These are the ideal spots to relax on the ropes. The pegs on branch or limb frames should only be inserted in the spaces between the individual branches.

    More care must be used while working with foam picture frames. As the frameworks are sturdy, hooks inserted into the frame are the ideal attachment method.

    It's important to remember that a standard wreath hanger for the front door won't work. These enable ornaments to dangle freely, which shouldn't be a problem if you're dealing with anything spherical.

    This, though, can cause them to bounce and come off every time the entrance is used if they are semi-circular. However, this isn't a problem with wireframes since the wire itself can provide stability. Nonetheless, they'll still swing around, which can become bothersome.

    [BONUS SECTION]: Add Floral Touch to Split Double Door Wreaths

    Start decorating the double door wreaths with flowers to add a floral touch to your wreath. Use color theory to choose some autumn blooms. To complement your centerpiece pumpkin, surround it with lighter, airier flowers and foliage.

    Separate the pumpkin and pinecone from the pick and halve them. There's a pumpkin chunk atop and a tiny pinecone chunk at the base. Put steel picks on the tips of the stems with the help of the SteelPix equipment.

    To keep the stems in place in the Styrofoam, dip them in hot glue. We use a cheap electric skillet and Gorilla adhesive pieces in place of the pictured hot glue pan.

    To construct wheels that matched, it was necessary to put a floral motif on one tire and then repeat the motif on the next tire until the following component. This similar process was used to include the rest of the blooms, which were cream daisies.

    Use the SteelPix to separate and pluck individual stems from the sunflower bush and filler autumn foliage, and when she added one branch to the upper disc, she added an identical stem to the bottom wheel. involvement in both forward and reverse processes.

    It was decided to leave a space between the main pumpkin pick and the second pick for the bow. Connect the bows to the spinning by threading a wire through the Styrofoam.

    Wrap Up: Decorate Your Double Doors with A Wreath This Christmas!

    These ornaments aren't required, but they are a nice addition to any foyer. They're more aesthetically pleasing than simultaneously suspending two ornaments. They simplify the process of entering and leaving your home. The only real drawback is how few alternatives there are.

    There is a severe lack of variety in both price and aesthetics. However, you can make your own choice. Both ground-up creation and iterative tweaking of pre-existing options are viable options. This way, a double-door split wreath can be adapted to any doorway style.


    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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