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    Solar Garden Owl

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    Solar Garden Owl

     Bring your garden to life with the Owl Solar Light!  

    Photo of a Solar garden own light illuminated in a garden

    Add a touch of magic to your garden! With this cute Solar Owl Light, you'll never have to worry about the dark again. Lighting your garden path or driveway with these adorable owl solar powered lights and enjoy a little piece of light and whimsy in your home.

    Heftyberry's Solar Garden Owl Lights are shaped like an owl and provide a warm and inviting ambiance to your outdoor space. The light automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it on or off. Plus, it's solar powered - meaning no cords or batteries.

    The little garden owl stands 7 in (15 cm) tall, roughly the size of your palm down to the wrist area + 18 in (45 cm) spike, comes in white or brown color, and loves to be purchased together. 



    ✅   Solar-powered. No wires are required as the lamp absorbs and access the sunlight during the day (5-6 hours) and lights up at night (7-9 hours)

    ✅   Use in garden, pot plants, pathways, or as a night light for your child. 

    ✅   Protects your lawn from rodents and birds. This solar powered doesn't need a stake in the ground to stand up to intruders with its study base.

    ✅ Free shipping. Take advantage of the free shipping offer for these items.

    ✅   Cute and fresh-looking. Make your lawn stand out! By accessorizing it with this unique solar powered garden owl.

    ✅  30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Image of white and brown solar garden owls that are available for sale

    Easy to install, lightweight and perfect for keeping rodents at bay during the daytime and protecting from intruders at night by lighting up your garden, patio, pathway, and dark areas in your home. These lights are also great for helping visitors find access paths without having to ask.

    This solar powered garden accessory is unique and can be used as outdoor decor to access your garden. This powered solar can change the looks of your outdoor garden instantly.

    The solar powered garden owl accessories come in white and brown colors allowing you to access your garden with different colors that meet your outdoor decor design.

    The solar powered garden owl is beneficial for security and can be combined with other outdoor accessories to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

    The motion-sensing feature can help you know if someone is getting inside without permission.



    1. Install the solar garden owl in any place that gets direct sunlight this ensures it can access a lighting source for it to be charged.

    2. The garden owl solar panel collects the sun's energy during the day. It converts it into electrical power that is stored in a rechargeable battery, allowing you to access lighting even during cloudy days.

    3. At night, the light-sensing solar powered server technology automatically illuminates the solar garden owl fixture, and your garden comes to life.

    4.To install, place the solar garden owl on the pole and insert the stake into the ground pole.



    Light Source: LED Bulbs - Solar garden light
    Statue height: 15 cm / 7 in
    Stand height: 45 cm / 18 in
    Material: High-Quality ABS Polymer 


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