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    Pig Splat Toy

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    Pig Splat Toy

     Introducing the Splat Pig! A great stress reliever for all ages.

    What could be better than an adorable and hilariously fun plush toy? The answer is this one-of-a-kind Splat Pig! It can't be any more satisfying to make that satisfying splat every time you squash this little guy on the pavement. 

    Hit it, bump it, throw it — this amazing toy is squish-resistant! And the best thing is, no matter how hard you hit it, he just keeps bouncing right back up again.
     pig splat toy

    Not just a toy - a partner in crime

    There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing your child laugh out loud while playing with their new best friend. The Splat Pig ball will provide your child with endless hours of entertainment, but not too much that they'll want to keep their eyes off of you!


    pig splat ball

    Lovely, squishable and huggable splat pig!

    Squish and feel the satisfying sound of a well-made splat toy, made with plush fabric, polyester fiberfill, and nontoxic polyurethane foam. The squishiest squishy toy on the market.
     Watch your stress melt away as you watch your friends get torn to pieces in the most satisfying way possible. We guarantee you'll be smiling after just one round of this game.
    pig squishy

    A Definite Must Have For All Households.

    All our splat pigs are ecological and completely safe for children and animals.



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