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    Best Fabrics for Wreaths: 6 Ideas

    Best fabric for wreaths

    Are you tired of the same old ribbon and burlap wreaths? Want to switch things up with a new fabric for your next DIY project? Don't know which wreath material is the best for your front door or interior?

    Look no further, as we explore the best fabrics for wreaths that can bring life and texture to your decor.

    If you're not a crafty type, though, check out our collection of pre-made door wreaths.

    Best Fabrics for a Wreath

    A fabric wreath is quite popular because of its longevity and ease of maintenance. Most fabric wreaths are made with leftover clothes or rags, especially the ones people make themselves.

    The base of the wreath is made of fabric, and the embellishments can be made of different materials.

    A fabric wreath looks raw and attractive without embellishments, but you can add them for more depth. Here are some of the common materials for a wreath fabric that you can check out:

    1. Leftover Fabric or Rags

    The leftover fabric or rags are one of the materials commonly found in most fabric wreaths. If you are DIYing a fabric wreath, it is best to use the spare cloth or rags available at home.

    Some people like to use their old dress or shirt materials and turn them into beautiful wreaths.

    Combining different prints, colors, and textures makes the final result interesting. A leftover fabric wreath is very easy to make on a wire frame. It takes less than 3 hours to complete the wreath and hang it anywhere you like.


    Fabric mesh for wreaths

     2. Mesh 

    Most fancy fabrics you see in a store with a striking appearance are made of deco mesh. A mesh material is flowy, has a tighter weave, and looks great.

    If you want to make a mesh wreath, it is best to use deco mesh. A deco mesh is a decorative mesh made with plastic material and has a much tighter weave than most materials.

    On the other hand, it is water-resistant and safe to keep outdoors in any weather.


    Fabric wreath making

     3. Ribbon

    A ribbon wreath is one of the most common types because you can get it at relatively low rates and it looks attractive. You can find ribbon wreaths in most people's houses during the holiday season, as they enlighten the festive spirit.

    You can make a ribbon wreath on foam and wire using the bow tie technique. It takes less than an hour to make a small ribbon wreath.

    The best part about choosing ribbon for a fabric wreath is that you can try different weaving techniques to get a unique outcome.


    Wreath fabric

     4. Burlap

    You often see burlap material in craft stores but have yet to buy it. Burlap is one of the cheapest materials that you can find, but it can look the most expensive. A burlap wreath is in style because of its natural and rustic feel.

    A burlap wreath will work great if you have mostly neutral tones in your house. Burlap, on the other hand, can provide a nice fall and texture.

    It is loosely woven; hence, you can stretch it around according to your wish and get the desired shape. A burlap wreath can withstand harsh weather conditions, but it may not be a good idea to keep it outdoors in the monsoon season.


    Best fabric for wreath

      5. Tulle

    A tulle wreath material is one of the best if you want to put it up during the festive season. Tulle material is most people's favorite as it gives the wreath a beautiful flow and shape. Tulle material is less expensive in craft stores or any fabric store.

    Tulle material is slippery; hence, it is best to use a wire frame. You can also use embellishments to make the tulle wreath stand out and look striking. You can keep the tulle wreath indoors and outdoors as it has water-resistant abilities.


    Fabric wreaths

     6. Unbleached Muslin

    Unbleached muslin is the best material to match the neutral aesthetic. Most people are into earthy and neutral tones, but you can't find a natural wreath easily. The unbleached muslin material is perfect because it gives the wreath a raw and natural finish.

    You can find many muslin rags in your house that you can use for the wreath. Before using the muslin material for the wreath, ensure it is clean and dry.

    An unbleached muslin fabric will be great if you have farmhouse or boho-style décor in your house.


    How to make fabric wreaths


    How Do You Make the Best Fabric Wreath?

    Many fabric wreath options are available, but they can be quite expensive. Add a fabric wreath if you want a warm and inviting touch to your house.

    You don't have to spend much money buying a fabric wreath when you can make one on your own. Here is a step-by-step process for making a fabric wreath:


    Fabric wreath ideas


    Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Fabric Wreath

    Now that you know about a few materials, you can easily make fabric wreaths at home. Here are a few steps you should follow to make a beautiful fabric wreath:

    Step 1: Wash and Dry Your Fabric of Choice

    Most people will use fabric available at home or buy it from the supply store. The fabric tends to shrink and lose color.

    The first step to making a fabric wreath would be washing and drying the fabric thoroughly. It helps eliminate all the dirt and grime that could be sitting on the fabric, giving it a cleaner look.

    Step 2: Cut Fabric into Equal Size Small Pieces

    After washing and drying the fabric, you have to cut it into small pieces and use a measuring tape to mark the fabric equally before cutting it.

    With the help of scissors, cut the fabric into equal pieces and keep it aside. You can also use different prints and colors to add dimension to the wreath.

    Step 3: Tie the Fabric to the Wreath Base

    Wreath bases are classified into two types: wire wreath bases and foam wreath bases.Both provide a different structure to the wreath; hence, you can choose one according to your preference.

    • Using a Wire Base

    A wire wreath base has different levels on which you can tie the fabric and weave it differently to get volume. It takes longer to make a wreath on a wire base, but it is more secure, and you get more dimension.

    You can use a zip tie or a hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the wireframe. Most people, however, prefer to tie the fabric around for a more aesthetically pleasing result.

    • Using a Foam Base

    A styrofoam base is a great option if you want a delicate wreath with little volume. You can wrap the fabric around the foam base and make a knotted design. The best part is that you can use pins to stick the material down and make a pleated design.

    Step 4: Optional embellishments and hanging

    Add small embellishments, such as flowers, rhinestones, etc., to beautify the wreath further. If you use glue to attach embellishments, let it dry before hanging.

    Bonus Section: Which Material is Best for a Fabric Wreath?


    Best fabric for a wreath


    Most people need clarification about what material to use to make a wreath. There are quite a few fabric choices to make a wreath, and the one you choose entirely depends on your preference.

    However, choosing a flowy and voluminous material is best, as it gives the piece great structure.

    Avoid using polystyrene or cotton, as they are quite stiff and hard to work with. On the other hand, durability also matters; choose a material that can last.

    All the materials mentioned above are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Tulle, deco mesh, and ribbon are some of the best fabrics to make attractive wreaths.


    Finding the best fabrics for a wreath is easy; however, making it yourself can be slightly challenging. Choosing a material that has good flow, is easy to manage, and does not require much maintenance is essential.

    Tulle, mesh, muslin, and ribbon are great fabrics for a wreath and have a great lasting ability. Make sure you wash the fabric before making the wreath and cut it into equal pieces for a beautiful outcome.

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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