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    Do People Put Wreaths Inside The House?

    Wreath inside the house

    The tradition of hanging wreaths on doorways during holidays and other occasions is widespread worldwide. The question of whether individuals put wreaths inside their houses is often asked. While some people bring festive decorations inside, others preserve wreaths for outside display.

    In this article, we will look at why individuals prefer to hang wreaths inside their houses. We will also look at the best places where people put their wreaths inside their houses. Let's look at each one in detail here.

    Do people put wreaths inside the house?


    wreaths inside the house

    Wreaths are traditionally used as a symbol of celebration and greeting, particularly during holidays such as Christmas.

    However, some people hang them inside their homes for various reasons. Bringing wreaths inside your home can have both benefits and drawbacks.

    On the one hand, they can add color, texture, and character to any room, and they are readily interchangeable based on the season or one's mood. 

    On the other, they can take up space, accumulate grime, and deteriorate over time. Additionally, some wreaths might be too large or weighty for surfaces or locations.

    For the intended effect, selecting the proper size, shape, and material of the decoration is essential.

    Reasons Why People Put Wreaths Inside Their Houses

    There are many reasons why people prefer to put reefs inside their houses:

    Nature and Freshness

    Wreaths can add a trace of nature and a sense of renewal to interior spaces. A wreath made of evergreen branches, pinecones, or other natural materials can lend a touch of nature to a residence during the winter when outdoor vegetation is scarce.

    Some are also perfumed with aromatic perfumes or dried flowers, filling a room with a pleasing aroma.


    The symbolism associated with the decoration is another reason why people can choose to hang them inside their residences.

    Due to their circular shape, they are often associated with unity, continuity, and eternity. A wreath displayed indoors can serve as a reminder of these values and bring peace and harmony to a room.

    Holiday Decorating

    Wreaths are one reason people hang them in their homes as a festive decoration. They can add a dash of joy and a splash of color to indoor spaces during holidays and special occasions. They can be displayed on walls, above fireplaces, or as a table centerpiece.


    Best Places to Put Wreaths Inside the House

    The following are some of the best places to put wreaths that are not at the front door of your house:

    A Picture Frame

    One of the best locations for a wreath is within a frame, which can add depth, contrast, and visual interest to a wall.

    You can use any type of frame, such as a picture frame, a chalkboard frame, or even a wagon wheel, and complement its design and color with a wreath.

    Depending on the size and weight of the item and the frame, you can use fasteners, pegs, or ribbons to place it inside the frame.


    wreath in a frame


    Above Your Bed

    Another fantastic location for a wreath is above the bed, which can create a warm and romantic atmosphere. You can use the one that complements your linens, draperies, or wall color as a focal point or accent.

    For instance, you could hang a gentle gray felt wreath, a complete round wreath of white berries, or a simple floral wreath above your bed.

    You can use fasteners, pegs, or ribbon to place it above your bed or affix it to a headboard or canopy if you have one.


    wreath above bed

    Exterior Windows

    A wreath hung on the exterior windows of your home can increase its curb appeal and make it appear more inviting.

    You can use any wreath that complements the style and season of your home.

    Depending on the material of your window frames, you can use suction cups, magnets, or ribbon to place the wreath on your exterior windows. You can also add decorations or ribbons to your windows to make them festive.


    wreath on window

    Storage Sheds

    Another location for a wreath in your backyard is on your storage structure, which can add character and personality.

    You can use any wreath that reflects your hobbies or interests, such as a gardening tool and flower wreath for gardeners, a bicycle wheel and ribbon wreath for cyclists, or a birdhouse and feather wreath for bird enthusiasts.


    wreath on storage shed


    A wreath on your patio can create an inviting and relaxing environment for you and your visitors. You can use any decoration that coordinates with your patio furniture, cushions, or rugs as a centerpiece or accent.

    For instance, you can use a grapevine and succulent wreath to achieve a natural appearance, a seashell and starfish wreath to achieve a coastal appearance, or a lantern and candle wreath.

    You can use fasteners, pegs, or ribbons to suspend the wreath on your patio or position it on a table or pedestal. You can also add lighting or candles to your patio to make it cozier.


    wreath on patio

    Above the Mantel

    A wreath hung above the mantel is an excellent way to add warmth and elegance to the living room. To place it above the mantel, use a robust hanger or fastener and position it in the middle.

    Ensure that the wreath is balanced and centered on the hanger and does not obstruct any existing artwork or decorations on the mantel.


    wrath on window inside

    As a vignette

    Creating a vignette with a wreath is a creative and enjoyable way to add visual appeal to a space. To accomplish this, choose a small table or stand and arrange decorative items such as books, planters, and figurines in an aesthetically appealing manner.

    Then, suspend the wreath from the wall or the underside of a ledge above the vignette. This will create a unified appearance that links together the various decorative elements.


    wreath vignette

    On your cupboard

    A wreath can also be suspended from a cabinet or wardrobe to add a festive flourish to a kitchen or dining room.

    Use a suction cup hook or removable adhesive hook to suspend it without damaging the surface of the cabinet. Alternately, use a ribbon or string to attach the garland to the latch or handle of a cabinet.


    wreath on a cupboard


    On Dining Room Chairs

    Hanging wreaths on the backs of dining room chairs is another inventive way to use them. This is an excellent method to add a holiday accent to a dinner party.

    Attach a ribbon or twine to the wreath and tie it around the chair's backrest. Ensure that it is placed at a comfortable height and does not obstruct visitors' seating.


    wreaths on chairs

    As a centerpiece

    A wreath can also be used as a table or coffee table centerpiece. To accomplish this, position it in the center of the table and add seasonal fruits or candles to the wreath's circular aperture.

    This creates a stunning, eye-catching display that is readily adaptable to various occasions or seasons.


    wreath centerpiece

    Can you hang wreaths on the inside of the door?

    Yes, you can hang wreaths on the inside of a door. Adorning the inside of a door with wreaths can provide a warm and inviting air to a space, especially in the foyer or doorway of a building.

    However, it is essential to check that the decoration does not hinder the opening and shutting of the door, nor does it harm the door or the nearby walls.

    Use a wreath hanger or an adhesive hook made for indoor usage to protect it from being scratched or scuffed when hanging it, and place the wreath carefully to prevent doing so.

    Final Words

    The front door is not the only place where wreaths can be displayed. They can provide an air of coziness, enchantment, and sophistication to any space in the house. Wreaths, when employed in various settings and configurations, can create spectacular seasonal displays that complement the existing furnishings and accessories.

    Therefore, wreaths can completely alter the atmosphere of a house and provide a touch of nature and freshness inside, regardless of whether they are hung above the mantle, as a vignette, on a cabinet, on dining room chairs, or as a centerpiece.



    Are wreaths out of style?

    No, wreaths are a timeless decorative accessory, and their popularity remains steady across various seasons and styles.

    What are the  best spots to hang wreaths indoors?

    Indoors, wreaths can be hung above mantels, on walls in living rooms, on doors and even as centerpiece decorations on dining tables or in front of mirrors.

    Do wreaths go inside or outside?

    Wreaths can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the occasion and your decor preferences. Outdoor wreaths are often more weather-resistant.

    Where do you hang wreaths indoors?

    You can hang wreaths indoors on doors, walls, above fireplace mantels, in entryways, or as creative centerpieces on tables, incorporating them into your interior decor.

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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