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    Front Door Decorations: Updating Your Door's Appearance for Every Season

    front door decorations for every season

    Front door decoration makes a statement about your house before someone enters it. We might as well go as far as to say that it represents what kind of personality the homeowner has. A well decorated door means you are a person of finer taste who pays attention to the minutest details. Your home is where you nurture love, hopes and dreams, which makes the door to your home an entrance to all the things that are good and positive.

    Different cultures around the world have diverse and unique beliefs about the main door of the house. In Chinese culture, it is believed that the front entrance to your home is the way of Chi (Xi). It is the path from where positive energy enters your house and bestows happiness, peace and luck on the entire house. In ancient Indian culture, the way you create an entrance and carve the door in your house will have an everlasting impact on the luck of the house.

    In western cultures, all the celebrations are incomplete without decorating the front door. Whether it is festive decorations such as Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, Easter and Thanksgiving, or seasonal summer, fall, winter and spring seasons, your home decorations and renovations are incomplete without gorgeous and uplifting front door décor.

    From stunning wreaths to door numbers, plants, welcome mats, bright, warm and pastel color schemes, statues and front porch decoration items there are simply hundreds of options that will uplift your entrance and give your home a unique and distinct air in the neighborhood.

    Let us help you create a stunning front door décor for your house, curated and designed according to four seasons and major holidays scattered throughout the year.

    Front Door Fall Décor

    The décor of your door should represent the overall ambiance of the house. For a season as romantic as Fall, your door should welcome your guests in the most tasteful way.  Fall sets the mood for love and change, a transition from bright summer afternoons to warm and chilly evenings, from bright stunning flowers to somber earnest leaves. Let us together bring this romance to your doorstep and create a perfect front door décor for your home.

    ·       Fall Flowers, Potted Plants, Wreaths and Garlands

    While summer might be wrapping up, the warmth and richness should not leave your doorstep. Add potted plants to your doorstep. You can choose evergreen plants, some resilient varieties like devil’s ivy, cactus, spider plant etc. Place pots of Chrysanthemums on either side of the door. Put a wheat wreath on your door and wrap the frame of your door with a garland.

    front door decorations wreath

    ·       Cozy Country-inspired Fall Door Décor

    This décor idea is more of a complete front porch decoration. Starting with the color scheme, you can go all white or brown, yellow is also a fall color with subtle hints of brown and orange on edges and fences. Next step is to put a welcome mat. If you have got a bigger porch you can also add an area rug, complement the look by placing a wooden settee on the porch and add some warm cushions. You can also add a woven swing chair. Include a bright yellow light and decorative pumpkins on the sidewalk. You can also bring in big pots of ornamental grass outside your front door.

    ·       Halloween Door Décor

    Halloween decorations will be incomplete without the front door of your house being decorated in the spirit of spirits and witches. Give all trick or treaters a chance to admire your sense of spookiness. Here are some ideas on how you can turn your front door into a Halloween inspired art piece.

    •   Paint your entire door in such a way that it appears like a giant ghost or ghoul. You can add lights in place of eyes, or color the mouth red.
    •   Create small stick-on DIY bats and stick them on the door and surrounding walls. Add a couple of pumpkins on the sides and lanterns on the walls. You can try this with other stick-on insects such as spiders, ravens and small ghosts.
    •   Turn your front door into an entrance to a cemetery by placing cardboard gravestones, dim lights, a cross shaped wreath and scattered leaves on the floor.

    Thanksgiving Door Décor

    Whether you are the host of the grand thanksgiving family dinner, or just an enthusiast who likes to update your home decoration with changing holiday seasons, thanksgiving door décor should be your first step before you start adding indoor thanksgiving decorations. Here are some of the ideas that will give you inspiration.

    •   Place a lemon wreath on the door and colored pumpkins on steps or on the floor surrounding the door. The color coordination between wreath and pumpkins will be enhanced by a focused light hanging from the ceiling binding it all together.
    wreath on a red front door
    •   Along with wreaths, pumpkins and welcome mat throw in some floral arrangements. You can use artificial decoration flowers or natural evergreen potted plants.
    •   Multiple floral wreaths, a garland embracing the door and soft solar powered decoration lights can be a subtle way of arranging your front door thanksgiving decoration.

    Front Door Winter Décor

    Whenever you pull in the driveway, the first thing that your tired overworked eyes see is the front door of your house. A jazzed up, well decorated front door will not only be an agreeable site for the guests coming to your house this holiday season, it will also be something that will lift your mood instantly after a long day at work. Keeping in mind the holidays that fall during winter (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah to name just a few), your winter door décor needs to contain a mix of color, festive door decorations and natural elements.

    ·       Lanterns as Front Door Christmas Decoration

     Color your front door into a vibrant red, electric blue or brown. Put wreaths on the door (yes you can use more than one) and hang some colorful lanterns on the sides of the door. Add some other ornaments such as solar lights and wrapped gift packages complimented by a vintage sled (you can use a miniature model if you have smaller space). Add a colorful ribbon to the wreath, small bells and some greenery and your front door Christmas decoration is complete.

    ·       Door Hanging Decorations: Pinecone, Garlands and Grapevine Wreaths

    Decorate your door by putting a beautiful grapevine wreath on the center. Surround it with a garland and add some pinecones to the garland. Include red berries, bells and decorative candy canes to complement the overall front door Christmas décor.

    ·       Natural Front Wall Décor

    Flaunting plants and flowers as front porch decoration has always been one of the best and most followed decoration ideas. It is environment friendly, easy on the pocket and can switch from winter to spring to summer decorations in no time. The best way to create a natural door décor is to add a baby’s breath wreath on an all-white background (the walls and the door). Place an evergreen tree on the porch and decorate it in the spirit of Christmas outdoor decorations. You can include some hanging plants and your Christmas door décor is complete.

    Remove the evergreen and add some fairy lights, a spot light and some bright flower garlands on the front and voila, the Christmas décor is transformed into new years eve door décor.

    ·       Snowy Front Door Decorations

    Silvery white decorations, complemented with an array of red, greens and some flowers can turn your door into a heavenly spectacle. Wrap your door with baby’s breath garlands and simple green leafy garlands. Add in silver stars; you can add them in between the garlands and hook them on the ceiling like wind chimes. Add lanterns and soft lights and your front door will have the most beautifully welcoming aura in the entire neighborhood.

    Front Door Spring Décor

    Spring is the time of renewal and cheerfulness. It seems like all the flowers, birds and butterflies that were sleeping during winter have now woken up from a long slumber. The wakefulness, chirpiness and vivacity that is so evident in the rest of the world should also be reflected in your spring front door décor.

    Colorful flowers arranged in pots and flowerbeds, artificial garlands and wreaths and lively rugs and ornamental objects are some of the objects that you can utilize in different ways to decorate your front door. You can further add decorative items in accordance with the holidays such as green for St Patrick’s and multiple bright colors for easter.

    ·       Decorate the Surrounding Area of Your Front Door

    The best way to set up decoration of your front door in spring is by creating a setup that mingles and merges with the overall surroundings. If you live in an apartment and you want to draw the attention of the onlookers right on to the door, you can change the color of your door, add a floral name plate and a wreath. You can hang a small DIY basket and fill it with flowers and ornamental feathers.

    If you have got space in front of the door, then you should invest in big potted plants, place a vintage bicycle with a basket on the porch and fill the basket with fresh daisies and sunflowers. If you have spare crates, ladders or chest of drawers that are no longer useful to you, you can repurpose them and use them as planters.

    ·       Simplicity is the Beauty

    The old world charm of all white and yellow flowers can beat any expensive and tacky decorations at any given day. Paint your door and front wall all white. If you have stairs in front of the door, splash them with white too. Now add different varieties of yellow flowers (wall climbers, potted plants and hanging plants). Make sure that every inch of the door and your front porch is covered with flowers.

    sunflower natural wreath

    If you do not have an attached porch or steps, you can add yellow wreath and potted flowers. If the weather in your area does not allow fresh flowers to bloom even in spring times, you can use artificial ones too.

    ·       Easter Door Decorations

    While spring is all about bright colors and floral settings, for easter we recommend a pastel theme door decoration. Put an egg or nest themed wreath on the front door. Add some handmade baskets on the porch, you can hang the baskets on the porch or by the sidewall of your front door. If you have a lawn add huge sized baskets and bunnies at different spots. You can add big hand painted eggs at different places, peeping around the yard.

    easter cross wreath for front door

    For smaller outdoor spaces focus on small sized bunnies and pastel-colored eggs. Add colorful ribbon to the wreath, front door and in planters. For night time, add some solar powered bunny lights and your front door is ready to welcome your guests and lighten up your mood whenever you return home from a tiring day.  

    Summer Front Door Décor

    Summer time is the time of all patriotic holidays. From Memorial Day to Labor Day and then 4th of July, summer front door decorations cannot be completed without hoisting a flag and surrounding your house with red white and blue. Add in stripes and stars on the door and you are all ready to celebrate your patriotism.

    Apart from the colors of the flag, summer is an excellent time to invest in the outdoors and add some elegant lighting fixtures, both ornamental and practical. You can use natural as well as artificial plants and flowers to enhance the beauty of your outdoors.

    Let’s explore how we can decorate our front doors for all patriotic holidays in summer.

    ·       Patriotic Front Door Decoration

    Summer door decoration should always be done by keeping in mind all the patriotic holidays that follow one after another throughout the entire season. Before entering into your killer BBQ parties, your guests will definitely pass through your door. The best way to start the celebrations is by decorating your door.

    patriotic wreath for a front door on the 4th of july

    Raise a flag on your front door. You can go vintage by painting stars and stripes on your front door. Add a patriotic wreath, and wrap the door in red blue garland. You can also put a welcome message on the door. Use the old school chalk and blackboard to write a special message every day.

    ·       Wreaths, Rattans and Rugs

    Summer time is the perfect time to decorate your outdoors. Place outdoor furniture for sunbathing and maybe even for a parade viewing area. Some of the items that you can use include geometric rugs and welcome mats, rattans and weaved stools, and woven hanging chairs. You can enjoy your long summer evening by idling on your porch with a can of chilled beer. Use floral wreaths on the front door as well as on the front wall to add some color and freshness.

    To complete the scenery, add lots of greenery, potted plants, flower beds, vertical vegetations, recycled crates and drawers are just a few ways to decorate your outdoors. Do not forget to add lots of lights too.

    ·       Artistic Frames and Quotes

    Add a contemporary touch to your front door decoration by adding multiple frames and by pasting quotes on the front wall of your house. You can create a killer DIY setting by pinning colorful frames on the walls, post some motivational quotation and pull up the entire set up by adding a wreath as a focus point of the setting. You can frame the outside of your door’s peephole just like they did in the popular sitcom Friends. Complete this look by adding artistic rugs, plants and spot light right on top of your frame setting.

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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