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    A Comprehensive Guide on How to Ship a Wreath

    How to ship a wreath


    Wreaths are an amazing gift for any occasion ‚ÄĒ Christmas, Halloween, or Memorial Day. We buy them online or offline and send them to our friends and family. However, it can be very stressful to ship them to your loved ones because wreaths are fragile and break easily.

    It's heartbreaking to order a lovely wreath only to have it ruined in transit. This article lets you know the best and safest way to deliver a wreath without damaging it. Let's dive in!

    How to Safely Pack and Ship a Wreath?

    When shipping a wreath, the way you pack matters the most. Most wreaths have fragile ornaments and greens that could fall off during shipping. To keep the wreath intact during shipping, you must pay the most attention to the packaging. Here are some tips for packing a wreath to keep it intact during shipping:

    Things You Need to Ship a Wreath

    Owning an online wreath business, or any business for that matter, is a huge task. Shipping and logistics are separate departments that require a great deal of attention.However, you must figure out these things independently if you are a small business. Packing and shipping the wreath requires a few items, which we cannot do without. Here are a few items you need to ship a wreath safely:

    1. Strong cardboard box
    2. High-grip tape
    3. Box resizing tool
    4. Pipe cleaner
    5. Box cutter
    6. Brand logo and shipping details
    7. Mesh or a net
    8. Confetti (optional)


    How much does it cost to ship a wreath 


    Pick a high-quality box.

    The box is one of the most crucial things when packing a wreath, as it carries the main thing. Most people must choose a recycled box that does not hold the wreath very well. Recycling boxes are great, but they may not work for shipping heavier items.

    A wreath is not categorized as a fragile item, but it can squish or be damaged during transit. To avoid the damage, you must invest in sturdy shipping boxes that won't squish as easily.

    On the other hand, paying attention to the box size is also essential. The box should be at least a few inches bigger than the wreath to avoid combining the leaves or ornaments. It is crucial to pay attention to the sizing and quality, as both have a huge impact on safe delivery.

    If want to use additional protection during shipping, as well as provide a container for the receiving person to keep the wreath in, check out our exquisite wreath storage bag.


    How to make a wreath box for shipping


    Arrange the box and neatly tape it.

    If you order the cardboard box in bulk, you will not get them pre-arranged. The primary step to safe shipping is arranging and taping the box strongly. It is essential to use 3-inch tape to secure the box in place.

     Double-tape the bottom and side seams so they won't open when you pack your wreath. You can place the wreath within the box to see if it fits the items properly. You can adjust the box accordingly, making it a little snugger or spacious.


    How much to ship a wreath


    Check the box dimensions.

    Before packing the wreath, paying attention to the cardboard box's size is essential. You can use a small box and squish the wreath inside, as it will ruin its shape. On the other hand, you cannot use a large box because the wreath will move around a lot during shipping. 

    It would be best if you chose a box that fits the wreath perfectly, with a little space to tie pipe cleaners. You can use a cardboard resizing tool to adjust a bigger piece of cardboard and make it smaller.


    How to box a wreath for shipping


    Create a small mesh holder using a pipe cleaner.

    You cannot keep the mesh directly in the cardboard box because it can move around quite a lot. Hence, most business owners use a technique that helps keep the mesh in place by using a pipe cleaner. You need three to four small pieces of pipe to hold the wreath together.

    Wrap the mesh lightly around the wreath to keep the flowers and leaves in place. However, ensuring every floral piece faces the same direction is essential. It would help if you had an ice pick or a screwdriver to drill holes in the wreath's metal frame and the box. Pass the pipe cleaner through the metal frame of the wreath and use a thread to tie it around the box.

    It is one of the techniques that most wreath owners use to keep the wreath from moving during the shipping process. Keep the pipe cleaner a little longer so the customer can locate and untie the thread. Make sure to make the wreath as snug between the pipe cleaners as possible to keep it in place.


    How to pack a wreath for shipping

    Test the box before shipping.

    Disasters can happen when you don't test the box before shipping. Passing each box through a safety shake test before shipping it off is essential. The best way to test the box is to pick it up and flip it around to see if anything moves.

    If the wreath moves while flipping the box, it means it is not snug within the box. Pull the pipe cleaners more towards the bottom of the box or add another pair through the metal frame. Make sure to shake the box and see if anything is loose and moving around.


    how to ship a homemade wreath

    Tape the box and ship it.

    After you have tested the box for quality and danger, it is time to ship it off. After securing the contents inside the box, tap the cardboard lid properly. Use thick shipping tape, as it is stronger and won't open during shipping. As a precautionary measure, double-tape each side and the top.

    Print out the customer addresses in advance and paste them on the top of the box. You can use a printer or get it printed outside. Use packing tape to attach the address before moving the package to the logistics and shipping company.


    How to ship a wreath cheaply


    The Approximate Cost to Ship a Wreath

    Shipping costs in the United States can range from $5 to $50, depending on location.

    A Cost-Effective Way to Ship a Wreath

    One of the best tips for lowering shipping costs is to avoid last-minute shipments. If you use the express delivery option, you will have to pay extra, and the cost will add up. Always try to spike up your sales a little before the holiday season to get the best shipping deals.

    On the other hand, buy the packing material in bulk and directly deal with the suppliers. You get the best deals when you work with suppliers and get wholesale rates. On the other hand, collaborate with shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc., to get the best deals.


    Most people wonder how to ship a wreath safely and cost-effectively. It is essential to provide users with the best quality and damage-free product. A wreath is tricky to ship because it can get damaged during transit.

    If you'd like to gift a wreath but don't want to pack your own one, check out our pre-made wreaths collection and we'll ship it to your friends or family ourselves.

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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