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    From Dull to Dazzling: How to Transform Your Wreath with Lights

    How to put lights on a wreath

    A wreath can make your guests feel welcome, add a cozy touch to your home, and be used all year round. To add some sparkle, use string lights on your wreath. It's a simple process that can be learned easily with our step-by-step guide.

    Make your entryway shine and create a festive atmosphere in your home. Learn how to put lights on your wreath now!

    How to Make Your Wreath Sparkle with String Lights

    How to add lights to a wreath

    The holiday season or any celebration warrants bling and sparkle in your house. However, what better way to dazzle your house than by adding string lights to your wreath? Want to know how to add lights to a wreath?

    The bling should start at your entryway, making people feel warm and welcomed. Adding string lights to your wreath can enhance its look, making it even more dazzling.

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    What You'll Need:

    • Wreath cleaning supplies
    • Mini outdoor twinkle lights
    • Electric tape
    • Electric wire extension (optional)
    • Scissors
    • Floral wire

    A Step-by-Step Process to Light Up Your Wreath


    Step 1: Thoroughly clean the wreath.

    Before you put twinkle lights on the wreath, it is essential to clean it. Over time, the wreath can collect dust and cobwebs or have torn floral pieces and pines.

    When you put lights on the wreath without cleaning it, it can highlight dirt and mess. Hence, cleaning the wreath thoroughly before adding string lights is essential.

    If you use an artificial wreath, you can use a small dusting brush to clean it and follow with a damp cloth. A fresh wreath can be slightly tricky as it can burn fast due to the light's heat.

    To clean a natural wreath, you can soak it in water and leave it to dry completely before proceeding.


    How to fix lights on a wreath

    Step 2: Locate an electric outlet.

    The next step is to find a power source because most string lights have no battery. Most doors have power sockets beside them, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Otherwise, you can also use an electric wire extension to plug in the lights. Choosing twinkle lights with a longer wire ensures that you can plug them in anywhere.

    However, if you find wires a hassle to deal with and messy, you can always get battery-powered string lights.

    They are not easy to find, but you can get them from any DIY or hardware shop. However, the light string battery dies quickly; hence, you need backups.


    How to light a christmas wreath

    Step 3: Position the twinkle lights.

    If you are wrapping string lights around the wreath, you must be mindful of it. Some people wrap the lights around in clusters, which gives a very messy look.

    You should strategically place the lights on the wreath to make it look even more beautiful.

    The best way to wrap the lights neatly around the wreath is to roll them into a ball. Make sure to plug the lights in before wrapping them without turning them on. It allows you to judge how much wire needs to be left out before wrapping.

    Begin wrapping the lights from the outside of the wreath and work your way in.

    You can loop the lights within the wreath in a spiral to create a beautiful effect. Bunch the remaining light in the middle to make it look dazzling.


    How to light a wreath on your front door

    Step 4: Use electrical tape to secure the string lights.

    Now that you know how to light a wreath, we will let you know how to secure it. When you loop the light around, it remains secure.

    However, you must use electric tape to secure the ends to prevent them from falling out.

    You can also cut small pieces of tape to stick the wire to the wreath. It helps secure the wreath and keep the lights in place even in the intense wind.

    It is best to use electric tape, as it does not cause wire breakage or sparks.


    How to make a lighted wreath

    Step 5: Experiment with foliage to hide the wire.

    If you have a smaller wreath, the wire can show on the outside, ruining the look. 

    However, you can add embellishments, flowers, and pines or fluff up the foliage to hide or camouflage the wire.

    On the other hand, a floral wire is also a great option to hide the ugly string light wire. Make sure to get a string light with a thin wire to avoid the bulky look.

    You can also loop the floral wire in the wreath to hold the string lights in place. Floral wires are a great option if the tape looks bulky or hard to hide.


    How to string lights on a wreath

    Step 6: Hang the wreath.

    After attaching the lights to the floral wreath, you can hang it in its place. You can either hang it on the front door or the fireplace mantle.

    The extension wire can hang from the wreath, making it look messy. You can tape the extension wire to the door with a clear or transparent wire.

    Tapping the extension wire to the door will be fine if you are not using a wire string light. It would help if you hid the battery behind the wreath.

    You can attach the battery with double-sided tape behind the wreath on the door. Fluff up the foliage to hide the battery behind it and camouflage the wire.


    How to light a wreath

    Step 7: Connect the Cord and Watch the Wreath Sparkle

    The last step will satisfy you because the sparkling wreath will look immensely beautiful.

    After hanging the wreath, plug the cord into the socket and let it sparkle. Make sure to turn off the lights before going to bed or going out.

    The lights can often cause a spark and light a fire; hence, you should be supervising it.

    Lighting the wreath all day can make the light fuse faster. So turn them on when you are around. That’s how to string lights on a wreath!


    How to put lights on a christmas wreath

    Additional Tips: How to Prevent Electric Hazards

    Most people want to know how to put lights on a Christmas wreath but don't take care of them after putting them on. Lights can be hazardous, especially if you leave them unattended.

    Many have experienced sparks flying and their wreaths burning down. Putting lights on the wreath can be dangerous if you don't care for them. Here are some tips to prevent electric hazards:


    1. Only use outdoor lights.

    If you want to use string lights on the wreath, use only outdoor ones. The outdoor string lights have a high-quality construction made to endure extreme weather conditions.

    You can also get solar lights because you don't have to plug them into a socket. It helps prevent electric hazards, and you can use them daily without spiking your electricity bill.


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    2. Before leaving, turn the lights off.

    Most people keep the lights on, which can cause them to heat up and burn, ruining the wreath. Excess electric heat can also short-circuit, putting your life in danger. Hence, turning off the lights before going to bed or going out is essential.

    3. Don't turn the lights on during the rainy season.

    Monsoon is an enemy of string lights, causing them to fuse or burn. Hence, it is best to take off the lights or bring the wreath indoors when it rains. You must not even leave the solar lights out, especially if they don't claim to be waterproof.


    String or twinkle lights are a great way to make your dull wreath sparkle. Most people don't know how to put lights on a wreath. However, the process is very simple and only requires a little work.

    You can do it very easily by following the guide in this article. It is crucial to keep an eye on the wreath, bring it indoors in the rain, and turn it off before bed to avoid electrical hazards.

    P.S. Spring wreaths can be a great choice as a base for your DIY lights.

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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