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    When Should You Put Up Your Wreath?

    When to put up a wreath


    Whether placed on the front door, above the fireplace, or on a fence post, wreaths represent the holiday season's warmth, pleasure, and hospitality. Yet, when to hang your wreath is a matter of custom, opinion, and superstition. Various dates and traditions are related to wreath-hanging, from the first snowfall to the final day of December, from winter to summer.

    In this article, we will look at the history, symbolism, and practical aspects of wreath arrangement to help you determine when to use this amazing decoration.



    Are Door Wreaths Just for Christmas?


    Wreath on a door

    No. Although Christmas is unquestionably the most popular time to hang a door wreath, the answer to whether wreaths are just for Christmas is a definite no.

    Several sorts of wreaths can be put on doorways to commemorate various seasons, events, and themes. Wreaths can bring color, texture, and personality to your home's décor at any time of the year.

    Let's take a closer look at some of the most prevalent forms of Christmas wreaths that can be put on doorways:


    Whimsical Wreaths

    Whimsical wreaths are a fun and lively choice for people who want a less conventional approach to Christmas décor.

    These wreaths can be made from felt, yarn, tinsel, or other materials, and they might include whimsical features such as cartoon figures, animals, or candy canes. They can lend a sense of levity and fun to your holiday celebrations.

    Winter Wreaths

    Since Christmas falls during the winter, many wreaths include features that recall the snowy beauty and comfort of the outdoors.

    Snowflakes, icicles, evergreen boughs, and pinecones can all be found in winter wreaths. These can be hung on the front door, foyer, or porch.


    Advent Wreaths

    An Advent wreath is a four-candle arrangement representing the four weeks leading up to Christmas. A fresh candle is lit every Sunday to represent hope, love, joy, and peace.

    Advent wreaths, which can be composed of evergreens, holly, or other flora, serve as a reminder of Christmas's religious importance.

    Traditional Christmas Wreaths

    These wreaths are often formed of evergreen branches, pinecones, and berries, embellished with ribbons, decorations, and lights.

    These can be placed above the front entrance, over the fireplace, or on a staircase to represent Christmas's eternal beauty and spirit.



    Is It Too Early to Put Up a Seasonal Wreath?


    A traditional christmas wreath

    When to hang a seasonal wreath depends on the season and personal inclination. Here's some basic guidance about when to hang wreaths for each of the four major seasons: 



    Winter begins in December. Therefore, a winter wreath should be displayed throughout December and January, or from the first snowfall to its thawing. To signify the holiday season and the splendor of winter, a winter wreath incorporates evergreens, pinecones, and other wintery components. 


    Though autumn officially starts in September, a fall wreath can be displayed in late August. A fall wreath often includes autumnal hues like orange, yellow, and brown and fall greenery like leaves, berries, and acorns. 

    You can find our best fall wreaths here.


    A summer wreath can be shown in late May or early June, when summer begins. To signify the warmth and wealth of the season, a summer wreath includes bright colors and natural items like seashells or fruit. Likewise, check out our collection of summer wreaths.


    Spring begins in most areas of the globe in March; therefore, you can hang a spring wreath in March or April. Spring wreaths often use flowers and pastel hues to symbolize the blossoming of life. Spring wreaths can be found in this collection.


    Can You Have a Wreath on Your Door All Year Round?


    Wreath on a door

    Sure, you can hang a wreath on your front door year-round. There are several reasons why someone would want to exhibit a wreath throughout the year:



    Replacing seasonal wreaths is time-consuming and necessitates storage space. Maintaining a wreath throughout the year saves the inconvenience of removing and storing it.

    Symbolic Meaning

    A wreath is a sign of welcome and hospitality that can be used to communicate with visitors. For example, a wreath with a particular color or pattern might signify a certain event or occasion, while a basic greenery wreath can indicate growth and rejuvenation.

    Personal Preference

    Some individuals like the yearly practice of switching their wreaths, while others keep the same wreath up throughout the year. If you appreciate a certain wreath and it offers you daily delight in viewing it, there is no reason why you cannot display it year-round.

    Decorative Purposes

    A wreath is an ornament that can bring beauty and personality to your front entrance. If you have a particular wreath you like, you can display it year-round to improve your home's decor. 


    For How Long Do You Leave a Wreath on a Door?


    When to put up a seasonal wreath

    The time a wreath is put up on a door varies, depending on several factors, including the kind of wreath, the area where it is placed, and personal choice:


    Fresh Wreaths

    A fresh wreath is composed of real foliage and can also include flowers and other natural materials. Depending on the setting in which they are placed, these wreaths usually survive a few weeks to a couple of months.

    One can hang a fresh wreath on a door, wall, or other indoor or outdoor surface. But, if placed in a hot or dry setting, they can dry up more quickly.

    It is recommended to keep them in a cool, shady spot and to spritz them regularly with water to maintain their freshness. If the foliage begins to dry out or get brittle, it is time to remove and replace the wreath.

    Artificial Wreaths

    An artificial wreath is crafted from synthetic materials and meant to resemble natural foliage or flowers. These wreaths can be used year-round and, with appropriate care, can survive for many years.

    Artificial wreaths are often more weather-resistant than natural wreaths and can be put on doorways and other exterior areas without concern.

    Nevertheless, the hues can fade over time if exposed to intense sunlight for long periods. You can display a faux wreath for as long as you choose or until you decide to alter the décor.

    Indoor vs. Outdoor Wreaths

    The location in which a wreath is displayed might impact its durability. If a wreath hangs inside rather than outside, it can live longer, particularly if it is a new one. Without being exposed to the outdoors, indoor wreaths are less likely to dry out or get damaged.

    In contrast, outdoor wreaths are exposed to wind, rain, and sunlight and must be replaced more often. If you live in a harsh-climate area, you must change your outdoor wreath more often than in a softer climate.


    The Best Time to Put Up a Wreath


    The event and the kind of wreath determine the optimal time to hang a wreath. For example, if you have a Christmas wreath, it is ideal to put it up a few weeks before the holiday season begins.

    The best time to hang a wreath for Christmas is around Thanksgiving, whereas you can hang a wreath for Halloween in early October. If you have a seasonal wreath, such as a spring or autumn wreath, you can hang it as soon as the season starts.

    A wreath is best when the weather is moderate and dry. This keeps the wreath fresher for longer and keeps it from drying out or becoming moldy.

    Avoid hanging a wreath in direct sunlight since this might cause the colors to fade quickly. Instead, seek a shaded, weather-protected location.

    You can use a few tips to keep your wreath fresh and long-lasting.

    • Spray the wreath every few days to keep it moist.
    • You can add a floral preservative spray to help the wreath last longer.
    • Avoid putting the wreath in a humid or moist environment since this might cause the wreath to decay or mold to grow.
    • When not in use, keep the wreath in a cool, dry area to avoid damage or discoloration.


    Putting up a wreath



    The event and the kind of wreath determine the time to hang a wreath. Whether a Christmas wreath or a seasonal wreath, choosing a moderate and dry day is critical to ensuring that your wreath remains fresh and long-lasting.

    You can enjoy your wreath for weeks by following easy guidelines, such as spraying it with water, applying floral preservatives, avoiding direct sunlight, and keeping it in a cool, dry spot.

    So, put up that wreath to give your house a bit of beauty and warmth, and enjoy the festive spirit of the season!

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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