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    Top 5 Wreath Storage Ideas - A Complete Guide!

    Wreath Storage Ideas

    Wreath storage ideas

    One of the simplest ways to brighten the holidays is to place gorgeous Christmas wreaths around your house and on your front door. But finding the storage space to keep them for the rest of the year could be a chore.

    These decorations are delicate and (usually) round-shaped. This presents quite a challenge for us in our modestly-sized home. Keep reading to learn our top wreath storage secrets for your door decor.

    To keep our holiday wreaths in pristine condition while also minimizing the amount of space required to store them, my family and I have found some great wreath storage containers that not only store wreaths but are also inexpensive and can handle larger wreaths.

    Wreaths are stored for two main reasons.

    • Reason 1: You want to keep your wreaths in perfect condition while storing them and preparing them for shipping or transport.

    • Reason 2: You want to ensure that the wreaths in your home that aren't always on display don't become dirty, have spider webs on them, or collect any dust.

    These bows, knotted by hand, are far too valuable to run the danger of being crushed. Here are three ways that wreaths may be stored so that the bows keep their fullness and sprightliness and the artificial berries or twigs do not fall off.

    Preparing Wreaths Before You Store Them.

    Before you put your wreaths away, you should give them a good cleaning.

    It would help if you kept them in excellent shape until you are ready to use them again, since it may be some time before you do so.

    Many people have the habit of leaving their holiday and seasonal decorations hanging outside their front doors even after the holidays have passed. When they finally decide to put the wreath away, they find dirt and dust that damages the decoration long-term.

    Because of this, it is essential to handle and store holiday decorations appropriately. The best method for cleaning silk or artificial decorations is to wipe away the debris.

    After spraying them with a gentle cleaning solution, any dirt or grime should be removed using a towel made of microfiber. After that, all you need to do to prepare them for storage is to let them dry.

    Be careful with delicate materials like silk, paper or dried flowers.

    If you want a less obvious strategy, spray your wreaths with compressed air instead. This may come in handy if there are materials mentioned above.

    While you're preparing for all that, here are the 12 best patriotic wreaths for your home this summer!

    Easy Ways to Store Your Wreaths.

    Method 1: Get a dedicated Wreath Storage bag.

     Wreath Storage Bag product to keep wreath in attic when not hanging on front door

    A wreath storage bag is a great was to store your wreaths in the off season. This may be the easiest and most fashionable way to store your wreath, if you are not a crafty person or are not into DIY.

    We have prepared a dedicated wreath storage bag product to keep your wreaths safe from dust during storage. They work great and help your wreaths stay beautiful regardless of if they are hanging in the garage, on a wall, or in a closet and can even store multiple wreaths.



    Method 2: Stack Wreaths in Cardboard Boxes

    Because cardboard wreath boxes can keep each wreath distinct from the others and may be stacked, they are an excellent choice for storing butterfly wreaths along with other kinds of wreaths that you like.

    Note: It will depend on each wreath's size, width, fragility and how many you can store in a single box.

    Step 1: Divide the box with layers of tissue, newspaper, or any cardboard piece to protect delicate wreaths.

    diy wreath storage box


    We recommend putting labels on each cardboard box so you can easily understand the contents.

    Step 2: An image of the wreath may be put on the box for extra convenience.

    Christmas wreath storage in a box headed to the attic

    Method 3: Store Wreaths by Hanging on a Wall

    If you have any empty wall space available in your basement, garage, attic, or extra closet, you can hang wreaths using hooks or nails is a great alternative for saving space since it allows you to use the vertical area more effectively to safely store your seasonal wreaths.

    You may either choose to store them in see-through plastic bags or just as-is.

    This way, your wreaths will always be in-reach and also act as additional home decor.

    Christmas decorations hung on basement stairs in the off season

    Method 4: Make use of a hook or a wire

    If you don't have the space for a hard plastic wreath box, plastic bag, or racks, you may use regular clothes hangers or a laundry rod, a straightforward method that won't break the bank.

    If you don't have any available at your house you can always pick up some wire at the local hardware store.

    Because there is neither a cover nor a top, even the most delicate wreaths of any size can be stored on such a "device". This is also a great way to store multiple wreaths since it is inexpensive.

    Step 1: Locate a hook. Or take any wire and make it into a hook. Hang the wreath by simply attaching a ribbon or thread to the back of the decoration

    wreath storage wire
    Using wire to make more wreath storage ideas for Christmas wreaths

    Here we used a regular boring wire and made it into a few small hooks. A wire clothes hanger may also do the trick.

    Step 2: Simply placing a wreath on each side of a hanger/wire will allow for more efficient use of space.

    wreath storage ideas

    Step 3: You may make an S-shaped hanger for each wreath out of sturdy, flexible, or rubber-coated wire and then use those hangers to hang the wreaths from the rack.

    wreath storage wire

    Method 5: Storage Racks

    Our last go-to method for keeping wreaths is very straightforward: we make our own storage racks.

    Because they are portable, easy to put together, and light in weight, they are ideal for storing our decorations in a small room. You can also buy these online.

    Step 1: Use the wreath hangers that are just standard closet racks that have been inverted and keep them in place using zip ties.

    Note: You can also paint these; we chose a black color for our mostly-white room.

    simple tips to hang multiple wreaths on wall using

     Step 2: You might use carabiners or something as basic as a shower hook to hang the wreaths.

    Using this frame assembly as a means of storing wreaths has shown to be an efficient and effective solution. 

    BONUS SECTION: Special Considerations for Storing Dried Wreaths.

    Dried wreaths are exceptional because they are hardy and fragile all at once. Despite their fragility, dried stalks, branches, and twigs can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

    A constant moisture supply is essential for the long-term storage of your dried decorations. Mildew and mold may form if moisture is allowed to get in while things are being stored.

    You have some say in how much moisture gets to your decorations. Keeping them in watertight containers at room temperature and out of direct sunlight is best.

    Anyone from a humid region will tell you that many factors are outside your control regarding humidity. Organic desiccants are a fantastic choice for storing your wreaths if you reside in a tropical or humid environment.

    Rice and salt are two wonderful examples of organic desiccants. A little of each may be placed in the box you're using to hold your ornaments. This will remove any moisture that may have built up within the container during storage. It will also soak up any future moisture that may make its way in.

    This advice is crucial if you aren't storing the food in an airtight container. Air may leak through even the best plastic containers. You may protect your dried decorations from moisture damage by storing them with desiccants.

    Wreath Storage Ideas to Try!

    While wreaths are beautiful, they aren't necessarily an appropriate year-round décor. Most of the time, seasonal and holiday-themed ornaments are used only for a few months at most. You'll need one place to put your ornaments when they're not in use.

    Numerous approaches exist for doing this. Speciality storage units, like a rolling rack, may be purchased, although regular household objects can do in a pinch to hang on available wall space and keep them off the floor.

    The wreath will last without issues if you keep it dry and out of the elements.

    The most important thing is you know how to keep a wreath properly so that can use it year after year.

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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