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    The Best Wreaths for Red Doors

    Wreath on red door

    Many people prefer red doors, as they make a huge statement in their entryway. However, it is challenging to style a red door and make it look even more appealing. One of the things that can easily spice up your house is a wreath.

    No holiday decoration looks complete without a wreath, as it adds more depth and dimension to your entryway. However, finding wreaths for red doors is challenging because the contrast can be a big issue.

    Hop on to find out some of the best red door wreath suggestions for red doors and some factors to consider while shopping. Let's begin!


    Wreaths for a red door

    Best Wreaths for Red Doors

    The bold and bright red door is a statement; hence, getting a wreath for it can be slightly tricky. You can find all our carefully selected wreaths here; and below a few wreath suggestions for red doors that will alleviate the look of your doorway instantly:


    1. Seasonal Red Door Wreath


    Seasonal wreaths are great for representing the mood and time of the year. You can play around with seasonal wreaths and make them match your taste. One of the best parts about the seasonal wreath is that they are easy to maintain and inexpensive. 

    As soon as the season changes, you can change your wreath because they are cheap. You can also get a faux-material wreath that will last you all year. Wheat, pampas, and peony wreaths are seasonal wreaths that look super stunning on a red door.


    Fall wreath for red door

    Buy the HeftyBerry Wheat Wreath.

    The Hefty Berry wreath is stunning and lasts longer than you anticipate. If you have a farm-style house, the wheat wreath will look stunning. It will look great against the red-colored door as it neutralizes the brightness yet attracts more light into the area. 

    The wheat wreath is simple and beautiful, representing the last few days of summer. It also adds a bohemian touch to your house, making it look simple yet attractive. If you want a wheat wreath for the fall season, you can opt for one with bright pinecones. HeftyBerry wreaths last longer than expected and do not require much maintenance.


    2. Dried Flower Red Door Wreath


    Dried flower wreaths are the least preferred, especially if you want something for the festive season. However, they look great on a red door as they have a rustic feel that balances the vibrant color. 

    The dried flower wreath is a classic blend of neutral tones with a touch of bright color. Its leaves, straws, twine, pinecones, and flowers look great against the bright color.


    Summer wreath for red door

    Buy the Dried Flower Wreath

    The  dried flower wreath is the perfect size for small doors and adds a unique rustic touch. It has a rattan base with dried branches, bright and unique flowers, leaves, and pinecones. The wreath is easy to put on without drilling holes and ruining your door. 

    If you are looking for a wreath that can endure harsh weather conditions, the dried flower wreath is the best. You don't have to do much to maintain it, and it looks quite beautiful and realistic. Additionally, it has neutral colors that look best against the red door.


    3. A Monochromatic Wreath


    A monochromatic wreath looks stunning and eye-catching, instantly uplifting the look of your door. It has flowers, berries, or leaves that belong to the same color family. Additionally, monochromatic wreaths are best to opt for if you have a minimalistic style and don't like too much color.

    You can never go wrong with a monochromatic wreath if you have a red door. It is best to select neutral colors or lighter tones that complement your door. You can go for a pink floral wreath as it is a safer choice and never disappoints buyers.


    Wreath for red door

    Buy an artificial monochromatic wreath.

    The artificial monochromatic wreath is beautiful and makes your entryway look like a fairyland. It combines peonies, leaves, roses, and hydrangeas, making the wreath look real. It is made with a UV protective layer, making it the best choice for hanging outdoors. 

    You don't need to spend hours cleaning the wreath because it only requires light dusting. The monochromatic wreath looks wonderful against red doors, further brightening them. You can find it at the best price, and it also comes with a shipping warranty.



    Tips to Select the Best Wreath for Red Doors


    Your journey will be difficult if you are carrying wreaths for red doors. The color red is bright; hence, you must be careful when selecting decorative items. Different wreaths are available in the market, but not all may look good with red doors. Here are some things to keep in mind:


    1. Pay attention to size.

    When buying a wreath for a red door or any front door, paying attention to the size is essential. If you have a single door for the entryway, make sure you go for a medium or small wreath. You want the wreath to complement the door and not overcrowd it. You can use an overdramatic wreath for a larger door to make it more visible.

    Size and shape are pivotal in ensuring a wreath looks good on your door. It is optional to choose a round wreath for your door. You can also go for unique shapes, such as straight or star-shaped ones. If you have a French or double door, you can get two small wreaths for more symmetry.


    Spring wreath on red door

    2. Look at Different Wreath Styles

    There are several wreath options on the market with different sizes and styles. The wreath you choose also depends on your house's interior and your décor taste. A minimalistic wreath with neutral colors can look good if you have an industrial house.

    You can also go for a pampas wreath, a wheat wreath, or a dried flower wreath if you have a farm-style or bohemian home. A bright and flowery wreath may complement a red door less than a monochromatic wreath. Explore different wreath styles and find the one that best suits your taste.


    Wreaths for red doors

    3. Prioritize Wreath Colors


    When selecting colored wreaths for bright red doors, it is essential to pay attention to colors. On the other hand, the wreath color also depends on the season and the light outside. If you choose a bright red wreath for the front door, it will show less. Hence, it is better to go for a bright contrast or neutral tones. Monochromatic colors also look great as they add more dimension and neutralize the red color.

    Earthy beige, cream, brown, and green tones look great on a red door. You can also opt for bright colors such as yellow or pink. However, bright wreaths may look better in the fall or winter. Make sure to go for colors that stand out and blend with something other than bright red.


    Wreaths for red door

    4. Choose easy-to-hang wreaths.


    When you make a hole in a door, it is hard to camouflage when you take off the wreath. It is hard to find a flaw in light or neutral doors. However, you must be more careful with red doors; hence, it is best to consider the hanging method beforehand.

    Go for a lightweight wreath that can hang easily on command hooks. It is best if the wreath can stick to double-sided tape, as it is easy to clean. It would be best if you did not opt for heavy wreaths that need nails or heavier adhesives to hang.


    Red door wreath

    5. Maintenance


    When choosing a wreath for bright-colored doors, it is best to get an easy-to-maintain one. Dust and grime can show a lot darker colors; hence, it is essential to keep your wreath clean. Artificial silk wreaths are easier to clean with a wet cloth and collect less dirt. Hence, get your hands on wreaths that do not require much maintenance and look fresh at the end of the season.


    Fall wreath on red door


    Red is quite a fun color and looks stunning in the hallway; however, finding a wreath for it can take time and effort. Wreaths for red doors will be much easier to find if you pay attention to contrast and material.

    It is best to avoid dark and bright wreaths for a red door as they tend to blend in. If you want to play it safe, go for neutral and earthy tones. Lastly, never shy away from a little bling, especially if you buy a wreath for the festive season. Don't forget to put it up with love and as a warm, welcoming gesture.  

    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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