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    Antler Wreath Hanger

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    Antler Wreath Hanger

    The Antler Wreath Hanger Makes Your Holiday Decorating Easy

    Get ready for the holidays with Heftyberry's antler wreath hanger.

    Made from steel and resin, it can be applied to any surface and is perfect for displaying any kind of decor, including Christmas wreaths, garlands, floral designs, and emblems.

     The antler hanger is festive and unique, and it will add a touch of nature to your holiday decorations — a rustic, farmhouse feel that many people love.

     brass wreath hanger
    You know the age-old problem of not having enough places to hang your Christmas wreath? With this item, you'll be able to display all your decor with ease, anywhere.

    The antler wreath holder is designed to hold decorationin a space-saving way. You can attach it to a door top, wall, or any other surface using the suction cup included in the package.

    If you don't want to use suction, you can screw this door hanger in place with a special hollow spot in the middle. This will improve its stability and allow it to support heavier decorations up to 60 pounds. 
     long sturdy hanger
    Superior quality and a wide range of applications make the deer antler wreath hanger sure to add a sophisticated touch of rustic charm to your doors or interior.

    Some people may use it as a way to celebrate the hunting season, while others want it as an extension of their home's feel and design. Whatever your reason, it will look great in any setting.



     ✅ Can be easily applied to any front door, wall or surface.
     ✅ 4 distinct designs and colors.
     ✅ Free worldwide shipping.
     ✅ 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee (full refund).


    antler wreath hanger size

    Material: Steel, PVC resin

    Size: 6.3''x 6''x 2.5'' / 16cm x 15cm x 6.3cm

    Package includes: 1x adjustable wreath hanger


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