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    Easter Cross Wreath

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    Easter Cross Wreath

     A charming Easter Cross wreath for your most meaningful spring holiday 

    Make the perfect holiday decoration by turning the ordinary into extraordinary. This beautiful Easter Wreath Cross is handcrafted from durable rattan and silk artificial flowers with a bowknot finish - simple yet stunning.
     Easter Cross Wreath on a front door
    The Easter period marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And during this time the cross - a Christian symbol - is decorated in many churches and homes throughout the holiday. Why not make it absolutely stunning and welcoming on your front door?
    Our Cross Easter wreath adds beauty to your home throughout spring. It will make a great accompaniment to your dining table, or as a decorative touch on the front door, window or mantelpiece. The silk flowers are woven into the design so they will never fray, fade or wither away.
    Easter Cross Wreath on a door
    Surprise your loved ones with one of Heftyberry's Easter cross wreaths. They will serve for many years and won't be just a piece of décor. They share and express the core values you live by.


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    Size: 11.8'' x 15.7'' / 11.8'' x 8.4''


    What Does an Easter Cross Wreath Represent

    An Easter Cross Wreath represents a symbol of the Christian faith. According to the Christian faith, Jesus Christ was nailed to a wooden cross - an instrument of punishment commonly used during the Roman empire. As they were crucifying Jesus, the Roman soldiers who did it placed a wreath of thorns on his head as they mocked him, calling him the ‚ÄúKing of the Jews.‚ÄĚ Therefore, a cross made in the form of a wreath is a fitting representation of the cross of Jesus Christ. That's why putting our Christian door wreaths on display is a meaningful way to celebrate the Easter holidays because Easter is all about commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Adorned with the Official Flowers of Easter

    The Easter holidays mark the beginning of spring, so it is an excellent time to enhance your home décor with the right flowers for the season. Our Easter Cross wreath is embellished with white lilies - the official flowers of Easter. It is believed that white lilies blossomed where Christ's blood and tears fell when he was crucified. These large and lovely flowers are always a welcome sight, regardless of where they are placed. Therefore, this Easter Cross Wreath will make a great accompaniment to your dining table, or as a decorative touch on the front door, window, or mantelpiece. The silk flowers are woven into the design.

    How to Make a Cross Wreath

    It is possible to make products like cross wreaths at home. The art of making a cross wreath is all about focusing on the details. You need a cross frame made from wire and dried reeds woven together in the shape of a cross; if possible, use the latter because it will look more authentic. You also need a zip tie, hot glue sticks, floral pins, white lilies or other similar flowers, a bow, moss, and various tender shoots with a rich green color. The richer the color, the better. Another key item you'll need is a piece of foam or foam block.

    • The first step is to apply glue to the back of your foam block and then press that glued side onto the center of the cross. As the glue sets, secure the foam block onto the cross with a zip tie.
    • After that, use some of the floral pins to cover the foam block with moss. Make sure that all sides of the foam block are covered up.
    • The next step is to glue the greenery stems (tender green shoots) you collected onto the foam as you weave them into the frame of the cross. Place them both vertically and horizontally. Kindly note that the stems should be long enough to reach the ends of the cross.
    • After that, carefully glue your trimmed white lilies and other flowers you may want to add onto the foam block. Secure them with a lovely bow.¬†

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