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    How to Care for and Maintain Your Wreath: 12 Great Tips

    How to care for a live wreath


    Maintaining your wreath can be a big challenge. Whether you have an artificial or a fresh wreath, it's important to take good care of it in order to keep it looking beautiful throughout the holiday season.

    In this article, we'll provide you with 10 tips for caring for and maintaining your wreaths, both fresh and artificial ones. Dive right in!

    How do You Take Care of Fresh Wreaths?

    How to maintain a fresh wreath

    A fresh wreath is challenging to take care of as it dries fast and the green parts start to fall. It is hard to make a fresh wreath last for long, but these tips will help you get the most out of it:

    1.   Choose a Fresh Wreath

    The key is to get one as fresh as possible. Select a wreath that just came in and has not been lying on the rack for days. There are a few tips to ensure a wreath is fresh:

    ‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬† Pay Attention to How It Smells

    You can tell whether a wreath is fresh or not by smelling it. If the wreath has an earthy smell, it is fresh and will last a few days. Think of a tree and how its leaves smell. If the wreath doesn't smell of anything, it is probably old, and you shouldn't be buying it.

    ‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬† Have a Closer Look

    You can also do a shake test. Pick up the wreath in your hand and shake it a little. The wreath is probably old if the branches feel like needles and are too dry. One of the signs that a wreath is old is when you shake it; most leaves come off. If the leaves fall too much, they are old and dry. 

    2.    Mist Regularly

    How to keep a live wreath fresh

    The most basic thing that would help keep your fresh wreath alive is misting. Misting helps in adding hydration to the leaves, making them green and healthy.

    If the weather is too cold and dry, keep a humidifier near the wreath to keep it moist. Remove all the ribbon and ornaments from the wreath before misting it.

    3.    Soak It in Water

    No matter how hard you try, sometimes the greener parts will turn brown over time. If you notice your wreath turning brown or dull, remove it and soak the greener parts in water.

    You can leave the wreath in water overnight to help it soak up as much moisture as possible. Sometimes, the brown parts change color when you soak them in water.

    4.    Spray Anti-Transpirants

    How to care for a wreath

    An anti-transpirant spray will be a lifesaver if you like to hang fresh wreaths. You can find these sprays in any drugstore; pick up a few bottles to last the festive season.

    Anti-transpirant sprays help revive the leaves' vibrancy, adding life to them. Apply the spray every other day to prevent your fresh wreath from losing water.

    5.    Cover the Wreath at Night

    The best thing you can do to ensure your wreath lives longer is to cover it at night, Use a mesh cloth or a plastic bag to cover the wreath to protect it from bugs and pests.

    Mist the wreath with water and cover it with a plastic bag right after. It helps keep the moisture at the surface, hydrating the plant.

    6.    Keep it Out of Direct Sunlight

    Direct sunlight can potentially kill your wreath before you waste your money. Most people like to hang wreaths on their front doors.

    Make sure to choose a spot with shade where the direct sunlight does not hit for longer. Keeping the wreath out of the sunlight would prevent the leaves from turning brown and drying.

    7.   Get Rid of Dried Leaves and Branches

    Caring for a wreath

    Your wreath will eventually dry out. You can prolong its life by getting rid of dried leaves and branches. Your wreath will not look as fluffy, but it will still look appealing for longer. 

    You can shake a wreath a little after it starts drying out to make dried leaves fall off. Using scissors to cut the dried branches and stems is best to keep it looking fresher. 

    How do You Take Care of Artificial Wreaths?

    How to care for a christmas wreath

    Most people think an artificial wreath does not need maintenance; however, this is not true. An artificial wreath needs as much care and attention as a fresh wreath.

    Here are some tips to keep your wreath intact for years:

    1.    Blow off Dirt and Debris

    An artificial wreath collects dirt and debris more than a fresh wreath, but you can use a harsh cloth to wipe them off. It is best to use a blower to lightly dust off dirt and debris that collects on it throughout the week.

    If the dust remains on the greenery after using a blower, mist water on the wreath and use a soft cloth. It takes off dirt and dust, making your wreath look as good as new.

    2.    Use a Fake Snake 

    How to preserve a wreath

    The nasty pest doesn't even leave an artificial wreath alone, damaging it every chance they get. One of the best hacks to keep pests and insects at bay is to hide a fake snake or an owl.

    It helps scare off the pesky visitors who love to feast on fake leaves. Try this hack out and use an anti-transpirant spray sometimes for extra protection.

    3.    Use Bug Repellant

    How to care for a live wreath

    If you keep your wreath outdoors, it is hard to keep bugs and insects away. You cannot watch the wreath 24/7 and shoo away the pests. Using a bug repellant to control the pest activity on the wreath is best.

    However, it would be best if you used a bug repellent that does not damage the wreath or dull its shine.

    4.    Hang Loose Bits Using Floral Wire

    Wreath preservation

    Hanging a wreath outdoors means you can expect anything to happen to it. The wind can sometimes make the greenery and leaves fall apart. You can use a floral wire to attach the leaves and flowers back to it.

    On the other hand, if you want to store the wreath, you should use a hanger instead of rolling it on paper. It keeps the greenery and flowers intact, so you would not need to invest in a new one every season.

    5.    Spray WD-40

    Wreath maintenance

    If you love to put up a wreath every holiday season, you need to invest in a WD-40 spray. A WD-40 spray is a great thing to own if you hang your wreath outdoors.

    It helps protect the wreath from rain and prevents it from losing its shine. If you live in a city where the weather is unpredictable, coat your wreath in WD-40 spray beforehand.


    Check our wreath storage containers for proper wreath storage. This will help keep your wreath fresh for years to come!

    Also, see our post on storing wreaths. There, we go over everything you need to know in detail.


    Most people buy wreaths but need to learn how to maintain and care for them. If you are tired of your wreath falling apart and losing its shine, you must take care of them properly.

    Some easy tips can make your wreath look fresh throughout the festive season. It would be best if you took care of your wreath to keep it from falling apart. Even if your wreath is artificial, it can still look dull and lifeless without care. Jump right in for some easy-care artificial and fresh tips!


    Post written by: Ilia Mundut

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